A New Look for Climate Wise Women

It’s taken much longer that I ever expected to launch the new Climate Wise Women site.  Like most of the work we do, we’ve had to reevaluate our initial ideas, iterate our concepts and spend a lot of time patiently working through the process to ensure that we are making the most meaningful impact. We’ve come a long way from that breakfast event in New York in September 2009 during the opening of the UN General Assembly that was one of the first public celebrations of women’s leadership on climate change. One breakfast featuring the stories of grassroots women’s experiences of survival in a dangerously changing climate, in their own words, became the catalyst for all the travel, speaking engagements, networking, learning and advocacy opportunities that were to follow.

Over the years, we’ve gained insights on how to move from international advocacy to on-the-ground solutions for communities feeling immediate and urgent climate impacts.  It still isn’t easy. But with a strategy of fundraising assistance, community-responsive training opportunities and, most of all, visible support for grassroots women’s leadership, we feel emboldened as we look ahead.

Our next stop will be the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, September 12 through 14, where Climate Wise Women will call on policymakers, business leaders and philanthropists to do better on the current .02% investment in women-led adaptation and mitigation projects. We’ll also meet with our partners on the Women’s Climate Centers, a knowledge-sharing and skills-training program proposed by women’s groups in Uganda and Kenya, that we hope to pilot later this year.

Our deepest thanks to all of our friends and supporters – we wouldn’t have made it this far without you. A new website and an experience-informed strategy to advance grassroots women’s leadership set the course for the next steps of our journey together.

Tracy Mann