Make a Difference

Become a Climate Wise Angel

Your gift supports:

  • Travel funds for grassroots women that enable them to represent their communities at international events, advocate directly to decision makers and participate in capacity building training opportunities with their peers.
  • Sub-grants to women’s groups working on community resilience in Papua New Guinea and Uganda.
  • Research on grant opportunities, grant writing and budgeting support services
  • Communications strategies, media placement and content creation that promote the achievements of grassroots women.


Climate Wise Angels include H.E. Mary Robinson, Rockefeller Foundation, Christensen Fund, Blue Yak Foundation, European Climate Foundation, Sierra Club, Kay Deodene, Eric and Cheryl Beall, EVE and ERin McArthur, Heather Grady, Susan Davis, Una Johnston, Ruth Hoffman, Fran Black, Amy Larkin, Amy Salamone, Leslie Mlawski and Kelly Cash.

We are choosing to give to Climate Wise Women because we believe in the power of storytelling, the importance of empowering women, and the ability of individuals to make a significant difference in their communities. We are deeply concerned about the unequal burden of climate change impacts, and wholeheartedly support your organization’s mission to raise awareness about this issue.
— The Blue Yak Foundation