History of wise Russian women

You have probably heard that "behind every successful man, there stands a wise woman". It goes a long way especially when you think about russian women. These women are not only beautiful but also very smart and wise. They make considerable contributions into success of their men even though I most cases stay in shadow.

The history of Russian women shows how much women contributed in the history of the country despite the fact that their position was very different from modern days. In old times women did not have much freedom of speech and could not act at the same level with men. Due to the most outstanding women in Russian society of old days, who sacrificed a lot, we have opportunity to enjoy many things.

Just take a couple of minutes to recall the greatest women in Russian culture:

 Queen Olga. She was one of the most influential and bright figures in the history of Russia as she was the first to bring Christianity to the country. Olga was a wise ruler and knew that a common faith would be a benefit for conducting negotiations and solving various issues with other countries. As a matter of fact, she was respected by other rulers and most kings and queens of that time could not say "no" to Olga. In such a way she became the first person to baptize the whole country and popularize Christianity on a pagan land.

 Catherine I. Another wise woman in Russian history was empress of Russia Catherine I. She had a difficult destiny but it did not break her down. She became a powerful and wise ruler, and during her reign, she played a significant role in establishing the Supreme Privy Council, which significantly influenced the governance of Russia. It is also worth mentioning incredible power and success of the army and navy managed by Catherine I.

 Elizabeth Petrovna. Daughter of Catherina I and Peter the Great is considered to be a popular figure too. She gained historic diplomatic victory by ending long-standing conflict between Russia and Sweden Elizabeth created alliance between strong countries such as Russia, France and Austria. She also had left non-political mark in the history by establishing State University in Moscow and famous Academy of Arts.

Some men are afraid of wise women for different reasons but the truth is that they make perfect wives in many senses. It is also a well-known fact that family means a lot to russian women. These women will help and support in the hardest times. They can be great friends and supporters. If you are dating a Russian woman, you can be sure that she is a solid partner.

Written by

Mira Lackin


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